An Unlikely Collaboration

Something clicked when Vidya and Jo met: two artists from different disciplines, different cultures, and different career paths. It’s the way we complement, inspire, support and energise each other as artists, and the things we share that make it work. 


We both:


  • appreciate the beauty of natural materials
  • share a belief in the concept of Ubuntu, the South African word often translated as “human kindness”, but which is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity" The same word in Hindi translates as “progress of all”.
  • believe everyday items should
  • engage your senses
  • express who you are
  • make each day special

This connection shows in our work where we

  • draw on the traditions of world cultures for inspiration
  • use the constraints of our respective art forms to challenge each other
  • and aim to produce hand crafted, tactile, quality products which have utility 


We hope this artistic adventure and the creations from it bring you joy


Vidya and Jo

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